Best Hong Kong Fellowship 2023

Applications are now being accepted for the Best Hong Kong Fellowship 2023 . The opportunity to continue their degrees at Top Ranked Universities in Hong Kong will be given to selected applicants. If the prior degree was in English, there is no IELTS exam required. Master’s applicants as well as those with Bachelor’s degrees in any academic discipline are eligible to apply for the HKPFS Scholarship directly. This degree is a Direct PhD. The Best Hong Kong Fellowship 2023 and government will use research grants to pay for all tuition-related costs.

The Research Grant Council created the Hong Kong Ph.D. scholarship program to draw in the world’s most talented minds. Students with research ability may apply for this Best Hong Kong Fellowship 2023 through the PhD Fellowship Scheme. Under this program, 300 HKPFS International Scholarships are announced. The heart of Asia will be where you study.

The world-famous Fully Funded Doctoral Scholarship Program is offered by Universities in Hong Kong. The Scholarships are open to candidates. Candidates should exhibit exceptional qualities in their academic performance, research potential, interpersonal and communication skills, and leadership potential. You can look at how to apply for Hong Kong scholarships without an IELTS in 2022. The Best Hong Kong Fellowship 2023 is described in more detail below.

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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship 2023 Details

Nation: Hong Kong

Scholarships awarded: 300

Ph.D.-level course (Doctorate)

The first day of December 2022

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Financial Coverage

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2022 offers each awardee a salary of HK$325,200 (about US$41,690) per year as well as a travel grant for conducting research of HK$13,600 per year.

In the academic year 2022, 300 Fellowships will be given out.

The universities that have been certain for the rewards may offer further help to grantees who need longer than three years to excellence their Ph.D. For more information

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List of Universities

Universities on the approved list:

University of City of Hong Kong

Ling Nan University Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong’s Chinese University

The Hong Kong University of Education

University of Hong Kong Polytechnic

University of Science in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong University

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Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must show excellent qualities in their academic act, research potential, social communication skills, and leadership possible.

All applicants must be of legal age and be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree programmer to be eligible for this grant.

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Selection Panel

One of the following two Selection Panels, made up of specialists in the respective board areas, will assess the shortlisted applications, subject to their fields of study:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine

Studies in the humanities, social and business

I’m a PhD candidate at the moment. Can I submit an application for the Fellowship?

If you submit an application for another PhD programmer as a brand-new full-time PhD student, you are qualified to apply for the fellowship. I’m having trouble acquiring my transcripts, certificates, or exam results by the deadline set by the university I’ve chosen. Do I still qualify?

We encourage students who have exemplary academic records and strong research aptitude to apply for the HKPFS. Candidates who have exceptional talent and promise in their fields of study may receive conditional offers from universities.

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How to Apply?

The first stage in submitting an application under the HKPFS is to submit an initial application. The initial application must be made using the electronic system for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.

An applicant must use the HKPFS Reference Number that the system will assign when submitting an application for admission to the universities of their choice.

For the HKPFS, the RGC does not impose an application fee. Universities, however, have the right to impose application or other processing fees.

In May 2023, the HKPFS results will be made public.

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