McCall MacBain Scholarships Canada 2022

The McCall MacBain Scholarships Canada 2022 are a ground-breaking chance for you. All international applicants who wish to study a Master’s degree program or Post-Doctoral degree from Canada can now apply to Canada’s renowned and top institution, McGill University Scholarships International Students. A McCall MacBain Scholarship will be awarded in the summer or fall of 2022. McGill University is ranked #31 in the entire world. Any applicant from Canada or outside the EU is eligible.

Macdonald Campus is home to more than 70 buildings, 12 km of roads, and is the largest private landholding in the area. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, McGill University is a public research institution. When you apply for admission to McCall MacBain Scholarships Canada 2022 and indicate that you would like to be considered for a fully funded scholarship in Canada, your application will immediately be reviewed.

The prestigious and well-known scholarship in Canada is McCall MacBain. One of only three English-speaking universities, McGill is the oldest institution of higher learning in Montreal, Canada. More than 35,000 international students from 150 different countries are enrolled at the university, and there are 220,000 alumni worldwide. Are you prepared to push yourself, absorb new information, and improve the lives of others?

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McCall MacBain Scholarships Details

Nation of education is Canada where Scholarships are being awarded in 80 plus Masters and Doctoral degrees. Name of the university is McGill University where this opportunity is going to happen. Date of application submission: September 21, 2022, for Canadian and American applicants. But International applicants have until August 25, 2022.

McCall McGill Scholarship Benefits

  • With the mentorship, interdisciplinary education, and global community that the McCall MacBain Scholarships Canada 2022 offers, students can accelerate their global influence.
  • The scholarship pays for all tuition and fees as well as a monthly living allowance of $2,000 CAD.
  • Flight Ticket
  • Additionally, scholars take part in a comprehensive leadership development program, engage with mentors and advisers, and attend a variety of speeches and workshops.

International Students Can Apply For Scholarships at McGill University

The topics of the subject of scholarship

  • What factors might be effective for reducing the harmful effects of freedom of speech on society?
  • What are the primary effects of climate change on immigrant communities and migration?
  • How does a financial downturn increase vulnerability in the developing world?
  • Is attaining worldwide human equivalence a truth or a pipe daydream?
  • In this interconnected world, how could youngsters be given access to basic resources and business opportunities?
  • Could Political Elites strategically monopolies and abuse Freedom of Speech?
  • Should young people get involved in politics or should political forces handle it?
  • What steps can the international community take—individually or collectively—to end food insecurity and malnutrition in conflict-affected countries?
  • What recent developments or long-standing issues pose a threat to the preservation of world peace and security?
  • Could social media be a manipulative technique used to target and manipulate today’s youth?

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What about Courses?

You can register yourself in any of the programs listed under.

  • Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
  • Arts Dental Medicine and Sciences of Oral Health
  • Desautels Faculty of Management, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Health Sciences
  • Interfaculty Studies at Schulich School of Music in the Sciences

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The list of academic majors and fields at The McCall MacBain Scholarships that qualify for scholarships in the following areas: engineering, medicine, security, science and technology, and the arts is provided below. Please look at this.

  • Degree in chemical engineering master’s
  • Electrical and computer engineering master’s degree
  • Engineering Systems and Management Master of Science
  • Information Security Master’s Degree
  • Supplies Science and Master of Science in Engineering
  • Engineering in Mechanical Science Master’s degree
  • Nuclear engineering master’s degree
  • Engineering in Petroleum: Master of Science
  • Sustainable Critical Infrastructure Master of Science
  • Water and environmental engineering master’s degree
  • Engineering Master of Science by Research
  • Postgraduate of Engineering in Ecological, medical, and Security Engineering
  • Computer and information science master’s degree
  • Postgraduate of Fine art in Interior and Universal Security
  • Graduate degree in applied chemistry
  • Petroleum Science Master’s Geoscience
  • D. in petroleum science Geoscience
  • Aviation Engineering
  • Engineering in Biomedicine
  • Engineering, Chemical
  • Environmental engineering and civil engineering
  • Engineering in Electrical and Computer
  • Systems Engineering and Management
  • Science and engineering of materials
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Atomic Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Engineering across Disciplines
  • Medical doctor

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Check the minimal criteria for education and language.
  • Graduates hold a Bachelor’s degree from an approved university.
  • Satisfy the language requirements in English.
  • Additionally, candidates must satisfy any academic prerequisites established by the McGill graduate program.
  • You need an MSC degree in a related discipline to be eligible for a PHD.

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About Scholarship

Can I apply if I only attend school part-time? Yes, but only if you apply to a full-time graduate program at McGill that is eligible for you. Recipients of awards are required to enroll in school full-time.

Is clinical psychology a program that qualifies? Programs like the MSc, MA in psychology, MA in counselling psychology, MSc in school/applied child psychology, MSc in couple and family therapy, MSc in psychiatry (mental health), and MSc in integrated program in neuroscience are all acceptable.

There isn’t a master’s program in clinical psychology available at McGill University. Students who are thinking about pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology are urged to review the department’s funding information.

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Required Documents

Be careful to get these documents ready before the due date.

  • Updated CV Statement of Purpose Transcripts/Diploma
  • Language Requirement: English
  • Letter of Recommendation

Additional documents could be required, but for further information, please check the official link at the bottom of the post.

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Financial Benefits 

  • Complete Tuition Coverage
  • Health Insurance Protection.
  • Assistance with travel expenses for international research conferences.
  • Stipend each month (subject to change): Graduate Research & Assistant Scholarship is what GRTA stands for.
  • MSc Stipend: 8,000 AED per month
  • D. Stipend: AED 10,000 per month

Application process of McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada

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