Paid Internships for Pakistan 2023

List of Paid Internships for Pakistan 2023 will be shown to you. Paid internships are available in Pakistan for applicants from the AJK, GB, FATA, BALOCHISTAN, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Tribal Areas. No minimum CGPA is required. For Pakistani internships, both men and women can apply with ease. Every summer, a large number of internships are advertised. You get a monthly stipend of between $20,000 and $30,000.

It’s difficult to find internships and jobs. You have to look everywhere. As a result, we will inform you here about all internships available to Pakistani students. Some of them are accessible in Pakistan, while others allow free international travel. These internships are open to those pursuing Undergraduate, Graduate, or PHD degrees in any subject.

Various organizations and businesses are offering internships. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with real-life leaders. You can also broaden your knowledge. The age range for applicants is 20 to 30 years old. Depending on the sort of internship, the period will range from six months to one year. Below are further details on the list of Paid Internships for Pakistan 2023.

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List of Paid Summer Internships for Pakistan 2023 Details

Several departments across Pakistan are hosting internships and Paid stipend with Different deadlines.

Procter & Gamble Company Internship

A multinational corporation, Procter & Gamble Company provides goods to consumers in numerous nations. P&G offers international students internship opportunities. Candidates with any type of Pakistani citizenship are eligible. This year, P & G will hire 500 new interns.

Visit: Internships with Procter & Gamble in 2022

PSEB Internship Program for Graduates 2022

This Paid Internship is available to Pakistani Students through PSEB’s association with the National TCT R&D Fund Company. A fantastic chance for young people to learn new skills in Pakistan’s top multinational corporation. You will receive 20,000 as a stipend from Pakistan Software Export Board each month.

Visit: Graduate Internship Program PSEB 2022

GIFT Internship in Korea

In the summer and winter sessions, GIFT offers a Student Research Participation Program (Internship Program). Undergraduate students in their third and fourth years who are particularly interested in technology studies are urged to apply for this internship program. The Graduate Institute of Ferrous& Energy Materials Technology will host the GIFT Internship, which will last around 4 weeks.

Visit: South Korea 2022 GIFT Internship
PEC Internship Program 2022

2,000 new engineers will be trained by PEC. The preference will go to recent graduates. The Pakistan Engineering Council Traineeship is open to all engineers in all disciplines. A 30,000 monthly stipend will be given to chosen pupils. Six months are allotted for the PEC Pakistan internship.

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Samsung Career Internship 

Samsung is hiring interns for positions in corporate, marketing, strategy, engineering, networks, and product management. A variety of Jobs, Internships, and other Career Opportunities are available at Samsung Internship. Online applications are accepted. Send in all the paperwork online.

Visit: 2022 Summer Internships at Samsung

NHA Internship in Pakistan

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree are eligible. NHA is offering more than 1,000 internships to all students in Pakistan. Candidates for this internship will have the opportunity to work with a company that distributes food and beverage byproducts across the nation.

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NESTLE internship 

The internship is open to all graduates and postgraduates. Both men and women are eligible to apply. The majority of people start their careers at Nestle after receiving their graduate degrees, and they can succeed. The Nestle business sponsors about a thousand internships.

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UNICEF Internship 

Any student who is older than 18 may apply for a UNICEF internship. Typically, an internship lasts from six and twenty-six weeks. This is a paid internship program in which participants will receive a monthly stipend in addition to reimbursement for their travel expenses. As a fully funded internship, UNICEF will pay for all associated costs.

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Additional scholarships on our website

Japanese Government Scholarship through MEXT

The MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2023 in All Countries was announced by the Japanese Government. It’s likely to open in April, either right now or line by line. For the academic year 2023–2024, the Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship will offer 10,000 scholarships to pursue undergraduate, master’s, training, doctoral, and Ph.D. degrees at Japanese universities.

Visit here for further information.

Helmut Schmidt Scholarship

DAAD Work experience is not required to apply for the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship. The highest-paid scholarship available in Germany is the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Program. The German Federal Foreign Office is funding this scholarship on behalf of the German government.

Visit here for further information.

Government of New Zealand Scholarship

The New Zealand Government Scholarships for 2022 are now accepting online applications. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs are all eligible for the scholarship. The Department of Teaching make available subsidy for the scholarship.

Visit here for further information.

The Bill Gates Scholarship

One of the highest-paid scholarships available to international students is the Bill Gates Scholarship. The largest scholarship provider in the UK is The Gates Scholarship. 1,400 full scholarships are offered to Cambridge students by Gates.

At the start and end of each course, they offer free full tuition, a visa, housing, a monthly stipend, and an economy flight ticket.

Gates Scholarship: Information

Government of Italy Scholarship

Worldwide scholars can apply for the allowance to get education for free in Italy. Grants are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) for students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees at Italian universities. The Italian Administration Studentship does not necessitate any IELTS course.

Visit here for further information.

2023 Canadian Scholarships

For the Canadian Scholarships 2023, apply while you study. In 2022, the Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships application period opens for the academic year 2023. The best-known Canadian universities are where the scholarships are offered. Any student pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree is eligible for this opportunity.

Visit here for further information.

Government of Singapore Scholarship 2023

For the Singapore Government Scholarship 2023, the Singaporean government is now accepting applications. All costs will be covered by a Singapore Scholarship. The nations has been waiting for Completely Funded Grants.

Visit here for further information.

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