US Fulbright scholarship for 2023 – Study for free in USA

You can apply for a completely funded Fulbright scholarship for the year of 2023 and 2024. Those students who want to study in higher education institutes of America will grab these scholarships. Those institutes which are in partnership with Fulbright scholarship will offer this opportunity in the academic year of 2023.

The world is progressing rapidly as we look back and compare this era with the previous one.  Everyone is struggling for a better future and to become the best. And when we this term we come to know that the only powerful place on the earth is this one. From past many decades USA has been superpower all over the globe. Since its independence this country has been a supreme power in every field of life, be it economy, man power, technology, culture and other kind of powers, this country remains on top. The green card of this country has a great value all over the world.

And those students who want to study in a foreign country will definitely dream to study in USA for their higher education.  There are number of opportunities from where a student can get a job after their education in this country and create a better career for himself. But there are some technicalities to apply for these scholarships and those who know these technicalities will be able to secure a scholarship. And you are one of those because you are reading this article.

Fulbright scholarship program 2023 2024

This program is a funding program which is given by higher education institutes of America and other universities. This program is supported by USAID and the basic reason to give this scholarship is to develop better relationships of America with other countries and to create a diplomacy of culture. Every year this program facilitates more than 8000 candidates in 160 countries of the world.  TU University scholarship in 2022 – Study for free in Germany 2022

Perks of Fulbright scholarship program

There are many benefits which will be given to candidates under the scholarship. And some of these advantages are;

Free textbooks

Because the books at higher levels of studies are very expensive that is why this scholarship covers the expenditures of books.

Sponsored airfare

If you want to travel by air then the expenses will be covered by this scholarship.

Free health insurance

The scholarship also provide the facility of your health insurance because health is the most necessary thing for a person.

Monthly stipend

More than $2000 will be given to those candidates who will secure this scholarship on monthly basis.

US study visa process

Complete expenditures under the category of visa will also be funded by this scholarship.

Tuition fee waiver

Student need not to worry about the tuition fees of any semester because it will also funded by this scholarships.

Degrees offered under the Fulbright scholarship program

Following degrees will be offered to students under this scholarship;

Postgraduate degree

Those students who have completed there 16 year of education can apply for postgraduate degree which is offered by this scholarship.

PhD. degree

Those students who possess postgraduate degree can apply for a PhD degree under Fulbright scholarship.

Programs offered under the Fulbright scholarship program

Fulbright scholarship provides the opportunity to select a program from a wide range.  Some of those programs are discussed below;

  • In Department of Education
  • Field of energy
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Departmentof water
  • Department of Public health
  • Journalism
  • Arts and humanities
  • Mass communication
  • Social sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Data sciences
  • Peace studies
  • Urban region planning

Entry criteria of the Fulbright scholarship program

If you belong to Pakistan then you need to understand this thing that there were many students who were willing to apply for the scholarship but could not select because they did not fulfill the criteria off this university. So for your admission you need to follow these steps carefully;

Golden academic history

If a student want to secure admission in any of institute of America then he must secure a good academic record in his previous degrees.

Complete documentation

You need to check all your documents before fulfilling the application because if you miss some documents you will miss this scholarship.

GRE score

Candidate need to provide this score before applying for scholarship because it is now necessary to check the caliber of students.

Submission of other documents

There are some other documents like a proposal of research, statement of purpose, a letter and a study plan which need to be submitted with the applications.

Fulbright scholarships application method

You need to follow these steps to apply for this scholarship;

Online application through website

Candidate need to check the official website for the purpose of application because it is only available on official website.

Provide certification of GRE or IELTS

To prove your proficiency in language and your capability for this scholarship you need to provide any of these certificates after the application.

Fill out the form

Now you need to give your personal information and the demanded information on website.

Gather the documents

At the time of application you need to submit these documents which are given below;

  • Application form
  • Recommendation letters
  • Statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Reference letters
  • A certificate of green

Recheck and submit

Now you need to check your application so thats you can remove mistakes before applying.

Application deadline

The deadline for this scholarship is October 11, 2022 for the academic years of 2023 and 2024.


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