CVS Health Foundation Scholarships 2024

Are you interested in getting a scholarship in the United States? We have a great chance for you,
Students are invited to apply for the CVS Health Foundation Fellowship. The CVS Health Foundation
Provides scholarships to students to support their education. This includes stipends for children of CVS
Employees who work full-time.

Our Children of Colleges Scholarship Program aims to help the children of our full-time colleagues to
pursue higher education by reducing the financial burden. CVS Health Foundation-funded programs
have helped thousands of students across the country achieve their future educational goals. Here are
some scholarships CVS offers:

Scholarship Details

  • Deadline: October 1st
  • Amount: Varies.
  • Number of Scholarships: Multiple
  • The CVS Health Foundation offers scholarships to students to support their education:

Child Fellows Program: This scholarship is for children of full-time CVS employees. It can be used to
cover tuition costs at a two- or four-year university or college.
Healthcare Education Scholarships: The CVS Health Foundation also provides scholarships for students
attending accredited advanced practice nurse, physician assistant, or pharmacy schools. These
scholarships can help students on their educational journey to pursue a health care career.
If you or someone you know qualifies for these scholarships, this is a great opportunity to get financial
help for education. Make sure to check CVS Health Foundation website or their official channels for
updated application details and requirements.

How to Apply!

Contact Information:

Apply now

Number of Scholarships Awarded:

Up to 25% of applications received may be selected to receive a scholarship.
In 2022, more than 900 applications were received, and 228 students were awarded scholarships.

Selection Criteria:

Selection is based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, extracurricular activities,
leadership roles, community involvement, strength of application and student essay, letters of
recommendation, and financial need.

Selection Committee:

A scholarship review committee, independent of CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation, makes the
selection. The committee is comprised of high school guidance counselors, college financial aid and
admissions officers, and college access and higher education experts.


This scholarship is open to children sponsored by full-time CVS Health associates.
Students who already have an undergraduate degree in college can apply.
Applicants must be below 25 years of age on the last date of application.

Dependent definition:

Dependent children are defined as natural and legally adopted children, stepchildren, or foster children
under the legal guardianship of a CVS Health co-parent/guardian.

New employees:

To be eligible, parents must be full-time CVS Health employees at the time of the application deadline.
Graduate School:

This scholarship program is only for students attending undergraduate school.

Household Income:

Household income must include the income of the parent and/or stepparent with whom the child lives,
similar to the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) standards.

Essay Quality:

The strongest essays provide the scholarship review council with an understanding of who the
applicant is and what they hope to reach in college and beyond.

Letters of Recommendation:

Students must submit their application before the deadline, even if a letter of recommendation has not
been submitted. Recommenders have one week after the deadline to submit recommendations.


High school transcripts may be unofficial, but they should include information about classes taken and
grades earned during all four years of high school.

Decision Announcements:

Scholarship decisions are usually announced by email to the applicantĀ inĀ June.










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